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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sookie book fans: Charlaine Harris finished book 10

From Charlaine Harris' blog on charlaineharris.com

"I finished DEAD IN THE FAMILY Sunday, the last possible day I could finish it. My friend Toni is reading it now, and then I’ll send it to my editor, Ginjer. The concept of DITF was originally quite different from the book I ended up writing, but that often happens and doesn’t quite scare me like it used to. At first I thought DITF would be very episodic; it turned out to have a unifying theme and to have a crazy night of resolution. Of course, this may change once my editor has a read!

By the time I send a book in to New York, I hate it. Maybe I hate DITF a little less than others. I don’t know if that’s good or bad."

I'm looking forward to reading Dead in the Family! May can't get here quick enough!


  1. Great! I'll make sure to let my husband know. I think he's on book 5.


  2. i can't wait until may. i've read all the books except the one im on now. i didn't read them in the right order on purpose. call me weird. but it was good for me. keeps my mind wondering, i like to put things together. my b-day is in may. i wanna have a true blood theme its my 25th b-day


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