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Monday, May 3, 2010

Wake the Dead Podcast Interviews Charlaine Harris

Wake the Dead Podcast had the opportunity to interview Charlaine Harris this past week and find answers to our listeners most burning questions (that hasn't been asked a million times already). Here's the transcripts of the interview:

So much has happened from the first Sookie book to now. Is writing these novels a different process for you versus when you started?

In the sense that there’ve been so many characters and so much detail to factor in, yes, very different. But all books are difficult to write! Fun, but hard.

Are you working on a new series now that Harper Connelly is finished?

I am going to do my best to work on another series. I’m thinking of a couple of ideas. I may get to work on something later this year.

Have the evolving storylines on True Blood had any influence on the future storylines in the books or sub-characters?

No, because I’m so far ahead of Alan. I’m writing book 11, he’s filming Book 3. And it’s not likely I’d include any of his original sub-characters. That would be weird.

Most authors share qualities of characteristics with their main characters. What characteristics do you share with Sookie?

I try to be honest. I try to count my blessings. But Sookie is a lot braver and more assertive than I am.

We’ve enjoyed reading about your European book tour on your website. Has your trip inspired any future international excursions for Sookie?

Wouldn’t that be fun? But I haven’t been able to think of a logical way to get her overseas. I think she’s a local girl.

In your short story, Gift Wrap, we are introduced to Preston, the only other male that Sookie has been intimate with in your series. Can we expect to see Preston again?

He’s not in DITF, and so far he hasn’t appeared in Book 11. But he may pop up. I don’t want to rule it out.

Pam is such a beloved character. She appeared little in Dead and Gone. Will we hear more from Pam in Dead in the Family or will she remain on the periphery?

The Sookie short story in the anthology “Death’s Excellent Vacation” is a Pam-and-Sookie story. Road trip!

Sookie is able to distinguish what is her feelings versus what is Eric's feelings when it comes to fear, anger, happiness,etc? So why does she question if she loves Eric or if he loves her? Shouldn’t she be able to tell?

There are things she has a hard time admitting to herself, and maybe she doesn’t trust her feelings or Eric’s intentions completely. But the first chapter of DITF should answer that question.

Eric and Sookie are not only blood-bonded but married by vampire law. If the blood-bond can be broken, what about the vampire marriage? Is there a way to end that and if so, how?

Certainly the vampire marriage can be broken. It’s as easy to end as a human marriage, at least on the part of the vampire. A human might have a harder time rejecting a vampire if the vampire didn’t want to be rejected.

Regarding the vampire marriage of Eric and Sookie… Eric and Sookie are not obligated to be faithful to one another under the vamp marriage, but in Dead and Gone, Eric told Sookie that no one could touch her without his permission as this was punishable by death. If it's punishable by death, how can Sookie be with anyone else?

I don’t think Eric meant sexual touching. I think Eric meant violent touching.

I feel like things are still awkward and unresolved with Quinn. Have we’ve seen the last of him?

Nope. He’ll be in a novella that’s going to be included in the Sookie Companion, out next year . . . I hope in February.

There are a few loose ends from Dead and Gone like the FBI investigation of Barry and Sookie’s talent, Arlene’s accessory to Sookie’s attempted murder, and little Hunter’s abilities. Will any of those topics be wrapped up or addressed in Dead in the Family?

The FBI thing will be. Hunter’s in DITF, too. Arlene is languishing in jail. Or maybe she’s out on bond! I’ll have to check.

Amelia is such a great supporting character of the series. She’s become good friend and ally for Sookie. After reading the first chapter, we find out she’s moving back to New Orleans. Is this the end of Amelia?

No, Sookie will be in touch with Amelia off and on. She may enter Sookie 11, too.

Eric has what it takes to become king of a region someday. Will we see his position as Sherriff expand or promoted?

You’ll have to wait and see one that.

If we could interview Bill Compton, what would he say was his biggest regret? What would be Eric Northman’s?

I’m sure Bill would regret not being more open with Sookie early in their relationship. He could have avoided a lot of pain and sorrow if he hadn’t stuck to his custom of keeping vampire business secret. I don’t think Eric is very big on regretting things.


  1. Thanks for posting, I can't believe what great answers you all got! You should post on Ms. Harris' forum and let everyone know this is up.

  2. I cant wait for book 11 thanks for the posting.


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