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Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood Season Premiere Recap!

From Kelly Lynch, SOCIALITELIFE.com View full article

About a month ago I was charged with recapping new episodes of True Blood. Initially I hesitated, because I believe there are two vampire camps: Twilight and True Blood. I subscribed to the clean, doe-eyed tale Twilight told. But I accepted the challenge and committed to watching the first two seasons on HBO. After watching season one, I was hooked. Sure, the series is nauseating at times and a little (read: a lot) vulgar, but it's good. Insanely good. And no offense to my confederate friendifers, but True Blood sure does capture the redneck allure of the deep south. And as a reminder, the North won.

Take it away!

So here we have Bill in a hostage/kidnapping situation, while Sookie wonders who took her beloved (after she made him wait for an answer to the question. Now Bill is in a car with awful men who taketh his blood for the sake of getting high off V).

"I'm in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam." Zing!

I'm so glad True Blood stuck to their promise of more nudity. I see Eric's behind, and I'm alright with it. Skarsgard sounds sewwwwww much like his father, Stellan.

Lafayette is in first place for best character in the series. The boy defends the honor of his friends, all while wearing feathers and rhinestones. I like him. He's good people. And I'm quite certain I just heard Lafayette say "Sorry Snook," to Sookie.

Sam just had an, um, "intimate" dream about Bill. Is it because he has Bill's blood?

Where oh where does Lafayette gets such clothin' as bedazzled smedium jerseys? And a feather in his fedora? Boyfriend don't need no trip to the big city. He's the queen of Bon Temp.

I don't like Hoyt's haircut. He looks even more like a child than last season. But I suppose we should applaud his effort to cut the cord and move out of mama's house.

Eric and Sophie-Anne are dealing V illegally and running from the law. What will become of the Louisiana vamps if Fangtasia goes out of business because the queen is hiding from the IRS?

Who is Sam's daddy and what does he do? How does one inherit shape-shifting?

Even after Maryanne's death, everyone in Bon Temp is so messed up. Tara can't recover from Eggs' death and Jason can't stop envisioning the bullet he put in Eggs' head on the girls he's trying to get biblical with. The devil went down to Louisiana, and he ain't never left.

Oh snap, now we're Twilight? Werewolves? For reals? At least we're not dragging out the "Bill's been captured" storyline.

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