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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ding Dong the Pig is Dead - True Blood 2.07 Release Me recap

Ding Dong the Pig is Dead
True Blood 2.07: Release Me
Wake the Dead Podcast | Brandi Hess

Sookie and Hugo are still holed up at the Fellowship compound and they’ve found board games! Good times are to be had by all! Only, Hugo is as nervous as a caged lion and he’s ready for a chit-chat with Steve. Steve would rather trace the family tree with Sookie. Uh oh, I guess Stackhouse isn’t very common ‘cause he figured out Jason and Sookie’s kinship. Man, talk about livin’ in a small town!

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Lorena and Bill are flashing back again. It’s 1935 and Lorena brings Bill a sweet little apricot delight by way of a chorus girl. Bill doesn’t care much for desserts and sends his food away. Lorena hates waste and picks a fight with Bill. A few “you are mine” and “I will never love you’s” are passed around until Lorena gives up and releases Bill.

So why is she still here? They decided to stay up all night… er all day together and get a bad case of “The Bleeds”. I guess vampires need their beauty sleep too, otherwise you get blood running out of all your orifices. Barry drops by with a message for Bill, the walls are thin and the vamp hearing is turned up high because Eric runs to the rescue… of Godric.

Sarah and Jason are spending quality time in church, only I don’t think they’re there to worship. Well, maybe Sarah is, because she’s doing God’s work by cheating on her husband. IN HIS LIGHT!

Hoyt and Jessica are ready to turn in their purity rings to the sounds of Bleeding Love. Ahh, Hoyt’s just a cutie-patootie with his rose petals and blood-scented candles. I wonder if I could get blood-scented candles at Target. Maybe vamps can put them on their bridal registries!

Back in Bon Temps, all hell is breaking lose and Andy is still looking for PIG! Sam takes flight as an owl, and MaryAnne is none too pleased. She goes rabbit hunting and is thinking of a wonderful stew a la KARL! Ka-Ka-Ka KARL!

Arlene is afraid she slipped Terry the date rape drug, somebody got lucky even though she doesn’t remember. Lafayette meets Tara’s Eggs and compliments Satan with a damn fine hat. MMmmm and the new V Lafayette is sellin’ is going “faster than fritters at a fat farm”.

Sam meets up with Daphne at the local swimming hole. She’s been liberated by a maenad and thinks he should too. Sam doesn’t want any part of it, he’s packin’ heat. Daphne sticks around and waits for MaryAnne only to find black saucer eyes Eggs shoving a knife in her side. She’s done.

Back to the Fellowship compound, Steve and Gabe take Jason for a little ride in the car (Sopranos style) and dump him off to burn in hell at the hands of Gabe.

Sookie discovers Hugo’s the mole! He can update his resume to add fangbanger traitor to his list of recent jobs. Gabe comes back after being on the receiving end of a smackdown from Jason and tells Sookie he’s going to show her what’s she’s been missing from the human lover department. Godric shows up and we have a meet and greet.

Next up, a vampire militia led by Stan storm the Fellowship compound, Eric trades places with Godric, and MaryAnne tenderizes a heart.

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