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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eric Fans: Because this seriously would be our dream come true!

I love this scene. The music is tragic, the seduction, Eric no shirt on, sexy.


  1. Also, after watching for like the 800th time (and finally being able to focus better) the acting is sooo good too! That look on his face as they start to kiss on the lips: complete tortured sadness. Uh! Broke my heart and then turned me on. Torturous show! :)

  2. I just love the horrendously guilty look Sookie has at the end LOL.

    And I was a goner at the first shot of Eric hunched over...that man can act. You can just see the grief, confusion, hope, lust..all flickering across his face. So much in one scene. Beautiful.

  3. Totally agree fantastic acting! Eric is so sexy i don't even think the blood tears would put me off kissing him like that either... The best tv show i have ever watched, well done to all involved....

  4. Despite the scene being sexy as hell and the amazing acting, I wonder if Eric knows she is having these dreams, and if he is having them too? I wish we could see that part!!

  5. YES!!! I agree!!!! Though, I'm hoping the last "dream sequence" isn't really a dream!? Perhaps Eric stops himself before biting (thus no puncture marks later) - "not like this... go, now..." Maybe?!

  6. I'm hoping its a memory too. Not just a dream!


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