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Monday, August 10, 2009

True Blood 2.08 recap: "Luke is da bomb!"

Luke is da bomb!

True Blood 2.08: Timebomb

Jason, God saves! Especially from the paintball shots, but his future fertility may be in question. Sarah shares her distaste for all things Stackhouse… she must be moody because only 24 hrs ago she seemed to love every part of Jason Stackhouse.

Eric channels his inner hillbilly and wants to borrow a stake. Ah dang, Eric missed the BYOS (bring your own stake) memo.

Steve tells Sookie, (aka. the evil whore of Satan), the war has begun. You’re either with us, or against us… but if you decide you’re with us, you’re only a no-good fangbangin’ traitor and you’ll die strapped to a vamp when he meets the sun. Have a nice day.

Barry becomes Lorena’s dinner… but he’s a different vintage. She can’t quite put her finger on it. Bill doesn’t care much for plasma TVs. Maybe the TiVo forgot to record Buffy for him.

Jessica and Hoyt getting it on. Poor Jess, she’s doomed to be a virgin for eternity. Hoyt doesn’t seem to mind, but Jessica is uncomfortable with the sex. Eternity sucks.

Oh shit hooka! Lafayette is reading cards and spinning fortunes. Justice makes an appearance and spooks Lafayette into cleaning the grill. Eggs might be showing the early signs of Alhzeimers… but it must be in the water ‘cuz the whole town is blackin’ out.

HONESTY dude. Jason’s already been to heaven, but Steve doesn’t seem to understand which pearly gates Jason is talking about. I hope I don’t die and go to that heaven. Sarah’s not my style.

MaryAnne is cooking up something hearty. Its Hunter SoufflĂ© and I don’t think you’ll be finding this recipe in any of Paula Deen’s cookbooks. Daphne joins us for dinner and Tara and Eggs just can’t get enough. of one another. knockin’ the shit out each other. Black saucer eyes!

Back at the Fellowship compound, Jason is mighty handy with the paintball gun and the Dallas vamps are here for an assist. All hell’s about to break loose and Stan looks hot in a Stetson. It’s Kumbaya time at the Fellowship lock-in with Godric wishing to mend fences and love thy neighbor nice-ities. Steve doesn’t like that song.

Uh oh, Sam is taking the heat for the Merlotte’s waitress curse. Its kinda like the King Tut curse only you die by the hand of a deranged killer. Bud wants to know why Sam has less credentials than an AKC registered Collie.

The lady in red seems to have recovered from her plasma TV gaping head wound and wants a meet and greet with Sookie. CAT FIGHT! SHENANIGANS! Sookie all but says “Bill IS MINE”. Lorena gets fangy and takes a verbal lashing from Godric. Look out.. Lorena’s mascara is running with her blood tears and Bill tells her to get lost.

Luke is a party crasher and he’s packing a message from Steve, the kind that kills the messenger.

Next time:
Time to be out of control with Tara and Eggs. Sam Merlotte is being summoned and the vamps are getting fangy.

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